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Giving voice to your heart is your birthright      

Give yourself the gift of discovering your soul song and feel the health benefits 

that intentional sounding and energy work fosters in yourself and others.

Learn to share in singing circles in community to bring peace and wholeness to 

your life and our world.

Sound your way into song, sing your way into the world,

by taking the courageous step into the mystery of singing.

Sound is transformative

Come and try a class and discover the magic of Soundwork. Fill out the form in Contact Information and we will get back to you ASAP with dates and times of classes

Lisa Hartt-Spillane

a life in Creative Arts

As a certified Sound Practitioner I will be working with you with voice and world instruments, allowing for physical, emotional and spiritual renewal.

"Come to me for you are the soul of the soul of the soul of 



Sound work can be used as a vehicle to experience profound awareness and inner transformation, ultimately leading to a deep connection to consciousness.

Reiki is life giving,

"the secret of happiness, the medicine for all illness..."

Mikao Usui

Healing energy is available to us all. Ultimately we heal ourselves, Reiki connects us to Universal life forces energy/Spirit/Sources, regardless of our beliefs.

Reiki can help to regain harmony and balance, reduces stress and anxiety, improves sleep, promotes the body's natural healing, improves energy fields.

Reiki treatments have a cumulative effect and can bring longterm health benefits.

 Come and try a Reiki Session with Sound.

Let the sound soft breath and the surf of an ocean drum relax your body and

allow yourself to sink deeply into a place of total peace and serenity.

Contact :

Reiki Session with Sonic elements - 1 hr. - $50.00

Songwriting Course: Writing the True Sound of Your Soul -4 weeks $150.00


HarttSong c/o

Spillane Studio of Fine Arts

106 Lakeshore Rd E - Lower Level

Port Credit, Mississauga, ON